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Bob Bjarke of Oakland, CA

Creative Product Lead @Facebook, developing new and innovative ad products and creative that delights people and drives business for advertisers. Previously @Leo Burnett, Team One, RPA, ChiatDay LA, Beats by Dre. Can also be found here:

Heraclitus of Ephesus

Ancient Greek philosopher, most well known for developing the idea that the world is constantly in flux. A fan of wordplay and paradox, he is known as “The Obscure,” and believed the Earth was made primarily of fire.
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Launching Interactive Ads @Facebook

In 2019 we launched a suite of Interactive Ad products on Facebook. I worked directly with the product team to conceive, prototype, and develop the first creative productions for the format. In addition to creative and product development, I partnered on the go-to-market launch of the products--devising our creative POV and building materials to help reveal the products at an industry even in New York.

Playable Ad Creative Launch

As the Creative Product lead for Facebook’s Creative Shop, I get to explore the creative potential of new ad formats when they launch. It’s important for me to work closely with product teams to understand and influence the product development before we launch, and this allows me to collaborate with internal and external creative teams to build great work that demonstrates the potential of these formats. In this case we moved quickly to develop early examples of what this new format can do. We built about a dozen creative examples very quickly, in about two months.

BA_PLAYABLE_02.mp4 from bobarke on Vimeo.

eBay Lead-In & Playable Capture from bobarke on Vimeo.

AMAZON_KINDLE_PLAYABLE_01b from bobarke on Vimeo.

Interactive Storytelling with Honda

To launch the new Playable Ad format on Facebook, we partnered with RPA and Honda to build the first Interactive Comic book for Playable Ads. We worked closely with RPA and vendor CrossInstall to re-purpose their existing content into something with surprising and delightful interactive capabilities.

Honda Playable Ad from bobarke on Vimeo.